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The comic community in Cincinnati, across the country, even as far away as Australia is truly amazing, incredible and yes, super. In just over 36 short hours, we’ve witnessed an outpouring of support, far greater than we ever expected. Your excitement, enthusiasm and generosity has taken the seven of us aback, and we are forever grateful. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that we’ve promised all of you an awful lot, and we plan to deliver!

Amongst all of these incredible supporters have been a tiny group of detractors; that sometimes vocal minority that assumes without asking, and accuses without investigating. Such is life in our hyper-modern, short attention span age. That said, we wanted to take the opportunity to be open and honest with each and every one of you, in the hopes that you’ll judge us based on our actions, not someone else’s accusations.

My email address is above, and the entire board of directors can be found here. Please feel free to reach out to us. If we’re screwing up, or if we’re doing something we could do better, or if you have any questions at all, speak up! We want to hear from you!


Kendall Swafford


No, not in any way. Up Up & Away! had been the Expo’s largest sponsor since that show’s inception, but Kendall Swafford ended his sponsorship of that show earlier this year.

Collectively, the group of people that make up our board of directors wanted something better; the Expo is good, we want something great! We offered up expertise, experience and assistance to the director of the Expo, but were repeatedly rebuffed. No harm done, we simply chose another path. Stick with us, and we think you’ll like what (and who) we have in store!

Because we love comics as much as you do. And all kinds of comics; our individual tastes are broad and diverse, as is our experience, and we bring all that to bear on this show.

As creators, we know what we want (and need) from a convention for us to consider it a success. As retailers, success is measured in dollars and cents, both at the show, and converting show visitors into regular customers. And as fans, the board of directors love comics, and the diversity that can be found in the comic industry. It’s our goal to help celebrate all aspects of this wonderful hobby!

This is probably the question on everyone’s mind. We literally looked at every month of the year, and pinpointed every other comic, gaming and pop culture event in the country, trying to find the date with the least conflict. The spring and summer are remarkably crowded with other conventions. Picking the right date is not done on a whim, and when we chose our date, we were the first to do so in this market. We also chose a different venue for our event, to further highlight the quality of our show.

Are you affiliated with the Cincinnati Comic Expo?

Why are you starting a new show, when’s there’s already a show in Cincinnati?

Why should fans, or creators, or exhibitors want to attend the Cincinnati ComiCon?

Why did you choose September, why not another time of year?

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