Why You Should Be Drinking Water from a Copper Pot

Why You Should Be Drinking Water from a Copper Pot?

‘Stay hydrated' that one health advice everyone will never forget to give you. Drinking water and staying hydrated is essential.

Of course, it is, you don't need to be a genius to figure that out.  But what if you can get more health benefits by drinking water, for example, maintaining weight.

Water plays a vital role in making sure our body functions properly. The kidney needs water to function. However, it's possible to get more out of drinking water. By drinking it from a copper pot, you can get far more added benefits.

Copper Pots

Copper pots date back to Roman times. The use of copper pots is still prevalent in different countries. Finding a copper pot to drink isn't very hard. They're mostly made with mixed metal and in some cases just copper.

Copper Pots

Drinking from copper ports has benefits. Copper is a metal that is found in our body as well. These metal particles are present in the copper pot, which generates a copper supply in the water it holds.

For this very reason, our ancestors kept water in copper vessels. They believed it had benefits.

Keeping Water in Copper Pots and its Benefits

What benefits can a copper pot bring to our drinking water? Well, apparently a lot of benefits. Copper pots can play a big role in leading a better life.

The Synthesis of Copper 

Copper plays a big role in our body. Our body has particles of copper, which is essential for our body.

The body cannot work properly without a certain level of copper elements. And it cannot directly observe copper. By drinking water from copper vessels, we can generate a flow of copper particle that our body needs. This is how copper pots play a role in the copper synthesis

Killing Bacteria 

Killing Bacteria

Copper is known for its cleansing attributes. Copper plays a big role in killing bacterias in our bodies as well. E. Coli bacteria can be killed, due to drinking water from copper pots.   It only takes 24 hours.

Combats Anemia 

Anemia is a big problem in our modern lives. Many people suffer from anemia. Especially women, who have a low amount of metals in their bloodstream. The lack of copper leads anemia.

Anemia can be fought by drinking water from copper pots. The small particles of copper help fill up the deficiency our body faces. Making it healthier. This can be a great way to fight anemia.

Healing Wounds  

When we inflict wounds on our bodies, our body has a normal reaction and tries to heal that spot. It uses collage to stop bleeding.

Copper plays a role in generating collage. It also raises the efficiency of our antioxidants. It increases our bodies capability to heal faster. Bleedings will stop faster than we can imagine.

Slows Down Aging

Copper reduces the efficiency of antioxidants, as mentioned before. This plays a big role in the health condition of our skin.

Wrinkles, dark spots and other issues can be reduced because of antioxidants. Drinking water in this manner can make a person look younger this way. In the long run, it will generate a way to help people with aging skin problems.

Benefits for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can benefit a lot from this as well. Copper plays a role in fighting anemia, as mentioned before. It generates a flow of red blood cells. That reduces the chances of being anemic.

Copper also raises the efficiency of antioxidants, Leading to better results for the body.

A mother with a baby needs her child to develop properly. The baby needs to grow its own heart, vessels and other organs. Copper plays a vital role in doing so.

Good for Digestion

Copper can stimulate the contraction in our stomachs, and the flexes to help promote better digestion. It relaxes the stomach allowing the food to flow properly throughout the whole system.

It also has antibacterial characteristics — that kill bacterias which are bad for digestion. It also reduces gas problems in the stomach by maintaining the level of acids. It also helps regulate the functions of the body. Allows the organs such as the kidney and liver to function better.

Helps Losing Weight

Copper can also play a role in losing weight. Copper helps reduce the existing body fat. With a good diet, people will be able to lead a healthier life. This could reduce obesity problems as well.

Keeping a Healthy Heart 

Copper regulates the blood flow of the human body. It can keep help keep heart vessels in shape and ensure blood flow. Allowing an individual to have a very healthy life.

Being Careful: Buying a Good Copper Vessel

Drinking from copper vessels are a great idea. It has a lot of benefits that will help a person lead a healthy life. It can help a lot of people lead a healthier life, so letting everyone know about this is responsibility.

Buying a Good Copper Vessel

However, we have to careful while drinking from a copper jar. Copper could react over time, by oxidizing. It could even come in contact with sulfur, chlorine and other bad chemicals. These chemicals are very bad for a person’s health.

And could lead to a lot of problems. As a result, people might have the opposite experience by drinking from copper vessels

Making sure the copper vessel is not contaminated is priority. We need to take care of clean the vessel properly in that case.  If you drink water from a contaminated vessel, you could experience problems of kidney failure.

So, getting a good copper vessel is very important. We can enjoy the benefits if we do. 


Copper vessels are an amazing asset to have. The number of benefits of just drinking water from them is unimaginable. However, to get these benefits, we have to buy the right vessel. Amazon offers all the right products and vessels. You can easily trust these copper pots and expect great results.