How to Restring a Pole Saw

How to Restring a Pole Saw?

If you think of yourself as a gardener, you ought to know much about the troubles that come along with gardening. Growing a garden full of big trees can be hard, but pruning them out from time to time can be harder. The knight in shining armor, for this task, is without a doubt a pole saw.

A pole saw is simply a saw on the end of a pole, which can be either an automatic one or a manual one. Now, you gotta keep some things in mind while purchasing.

Given that you like using a manual pole saw, you might want to restring the rope attached to it every once in a while to keep it up and running.

If your pole saw string gets worn out then you would not be able to prune precisely like you were able to before. Here are some basic guidelines that will ensure a proper walk-through with the restringing process:

Materials You Need:

  1. Towel/ Rag
  2. Rope
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Scissors/ Sharp knife

Steps to Follow:

If you have accumulated all the necessary materials, then it’s time to get down to business. Read the steps, and follow them precisely in order to get to an efficient result!

  • Step 1: Secure the Blade

Wrap a towel or a rag multiple times around the blade while restringing the pole saw. This is done to prevent mishaps while changing the rope.

  • Step 2: Untie the Old Rope

The first and foremost step is to untie the rope that has become old and damaged. While doing this, try to remember how the looping was done around the pulley, so that you can redo it with the new rope. Also, make sure to put away the attached handle securely.

  • Step 3: Tie the New Rope

Take one end of the new rope, and insert it through the pulley by using the blade from the outside to the inside. Then you have to pull it down to the anchor near the pole. After that, bring the rope to the outside again.

Tie the New Rope

Now bring the rope back, and put it through the lowest hole of the pulley. You can use the screwdriver to do this.

Then tie a firm knot, so that the rope is tight and secured. Pull down the other side of the rope all the way to the pole. Then go ahead, and check if the pole saw functions properly.

  • Step 4: Trim the Rope

Your next step is to trim the rope to the required length. The rope should be cut a little shorter than the pole. Use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to do this neatly.

  • Step 5: Tie the handle

Take the handle, and tie it to the free end of the rope to secure a knot and viola! You’re done with restringing your pole in no time!

Now with those steps, you are almost done.

Some Details to Keep in Mind

To make the process smoother, there are some extra steps that you need to keep in mind.

  • Use a rope that perfectly fits into the groove of the pulley.
  • Select a polyester rope to avoid friction.
  • Never forget to cover up the blades beforehand. Safety first!
  • Use a handle with a good grip to avoid accidents or to avoid ruining your pruning process.

So next time you want to restring your pole saw, just follow these simple steps and you’ll be back to sawing in no time!