How to Win at Foosball

Learn How to Win at Foosball?

Like any game, foosball requires strategy alongside practice to ensure victory.

You may sometimes struggle to find an opening or leave yourself wide open too many times or maybe your approach isn’t working. There a few tips which you can use to improve your foosball game.

Tip 1: Put a greater emphasis on timing over speed

If you’re too busy moving all about the place trying to intercept each and every shot your opponent makes you’ll just end up tired. Instead of rapidly firing the ball hoping to breach the opponent’s defense you should wait for the best opportunity to strike.

Tip 2: Keep your eye on the ball

Failing to keep track of the ball will probably cause you to suffer a goal. Many goals are easily avoided by keeping track of the ball and ensuring control over it.

You should try to maintain possession of the ball as much as you can as it will keep your opponent guessing and struggling to get the ball back in his control. This will create pressure on him.

Tip 3: Learn to improve your shooting and catching skills using the three-man bar

If you really want to improve your foosball game, this point cannot be stated enough. Learning to pass from the 5 bar to the 3 bar and learning to shoot from the 3 bar are very important skills for foosball players. It’s easier to score from the 3 bar and maintain ball control via the 5 bar and 3 bar.

Tip 4: Make sure you’re very good at a particular type of shot

When the boll is rolling from one side to another you won’t get time to adjust and prepare accordingly. If you want to improve your chances you will want to play a proactive game and not a reactive one, i.e. you will want to focus on one strategy and aim to set up and execute that strategy.

good at a particular type of shot

Often the crux of that strategy involves a particular type of shot (the pull and snake shot are particularly used for their speed) and the remainder of that strategy is setting up the field so as to maximize the effectiveness of that shot.

By practicing that particular shot you will be aware of the strengths and weaknesses and how to adapt your strategy against different play styles.

Tip 5: Keep a loose grip

This will allow for maximum movement and speed and you’ll notice your shot speed going up. Keep some space between the rod and the palm.

Tip 6: Play defensively

It’s very easy to suffer a goal if you aren’t following the ball. Your objective will be to set up the field and find the perfect opportunity to strike.

Your strategy will be rendered null if you suffer a goal because you didn’t keep your eyes on the ball. Blocking and catching balls isn’t as hard as you might think. If your defense is strong your opponent will be pressured into making a mistake.

While tips and tricks are all good you should remember that the best way to improve is to observe how experts play and practice regularly. And you can see this on

Best of luck with your future games.