Tortilla Press Wood vs Cast Iron

Tortilla Press Wood vs. Cast Iron

A tortilla press is a ‘must be present’ cooking instrument at almost every house in Mexico. Since tortilla is famous across the world, this mechanical contraption is quite well known to all.

There are many kinds of tortilla press available in the market, mainly made from wood, cast iron, or aluminum. You can also make your own tortilla press at your home using wood.

A tortilla press is essential in shaping the tortilla into a perfect shape. Rolling pin can also be used in this regard. But the press method is easier compared to the rolling pin method.

In our article, we will try to compare two kinds of tortilla press- wooden and iron cast tortilla press. Now, without any hesitation, let’s get started!

Tortilla Press – What Is It Exactly?

A tortilla press is a kitchen utensil or instrument that is used for making the dough into tortilla shaped. One important factor is that the tortilla press is only used for making corn tortillas. It is mainly made of wood, iron, or aluminum.

The main mechanism is you will put a dough at the center of one surface, and then press the dough with other surface using the hand that will flatten the dough into a perfect tortilla.

An electrical tortilla press is a blessing from advanced technology. It is considered a modern way of making tortilla because you can not only shape the dough but also cook the tortilla inside the press.

Wooden vs. Cast Iron Tortilla Press

We have gone through comprehensive research and collected information on these two particular tortilla presses. A description of each of these two tortilla presses will be given, and we will come to a conclusion on which press is the best. Go through each line and try to make your own decision too. Let’s get into the topic now!

Wooden Tortilla Press

The best thing about this tortilla press is that it comes at a very low cost and offers great performance. The price range is between 20 dollars-80 dollars. Comparatively cheap ones are mainly made of pine wood. You can also make this wooden tortilla press inside your home.

Pine is actually considered as softwood. For this reason, it is lightweight and quite durable. But the cheap ones may not come as a quality product for the fact that many inconveniences occur from time to time. So, our suggestion is to stick with a moderate price ranged wooden tortilla press.

Wooden Tortilla Press

The higher budget wooden tortilla press is mainly made of oak, maple, or mesquite. These are comparatively harder and heavier than softwood. You will have to pay a little more, but in the long run, they will give you a prolific good performance. The cost is overall worth it.

Wooden tortilla press can also be made at home and is affordable. If you follow the instructions properly, you will make a press that will work the same as a store-bought tortilla press.

With the heavier and bulky sized tortilla press, you may face problems regarding space and storing capacity. Another problem arises with their bigger footprint than the correlative metal portions.

Cast Iron Tortilla Press

This tortilla press is one of the most convenient presses in the market. Its design is almost the same as the aluminum tortilla press, but unlike aluminum, they are quite heavier.

For this reason, it becomes hard to move this tortilla press from place to place. The price of a cast iron tortilla press starts from 20 dollars, and the highest it can get is a maximum of 35 dollars or a few bucks more.

Cast Iron Tortilla Press

If you want to make a number of tortillas at a time, then this model can become very useful. The pressing mechanism is very swift, and it saves up a lot of time. You will have a suitably shaped tortilla without any uneven thickness after pressing.

The only problem people are afraid of their finish on the top surface. People find it confusing whether the press will scratch the tortilla or not. For this reason, it is recommended to set a protection layer like a piece of cardboard on the press.

With less price and a lot of facilities, this cast iron tortilla press is more or less popular among the mass people. Usually, common cast iron press comes in 8” model though the size starts from 6.5”. The bulkier tortilla press will cost a few bucks more than the standard price range.

Now, Which Is the Best?

Both of the two instruments are good for making a round-shaped tortilla. But our verdict will go for the cast iron tortilla press. Cast iron tortilla press has been found more durable and sturdier; hence lasts a long period of time. It has a low chance of betting broken.

The cast iron tortilla press will increase the efficiency of making tortilla as handles and surfaces are sturdier and seem to get the job done more easily. Most people afraid of rusting. But, there are some methods, which, if followed, can help the iron coating from rusting.

Is Store-Bought Tortilla Good?

Actually, there is no difference, but sometimes a good brand is recommended. But, in general, home-made tortillas are considered the best regarding taste and smell both. So, why take hassle going to a market and buy tortilla? Take your press and start cooking instead.


After reading this whole article, you yourself will able to make a decision about which one is better. According to our research, we have given the best answer. Hopefully, it was beneficial for you. Thank you for staying with us.