I’m jill thompson, AND we’ll have so much fun in CINCINNATI,it’s scary!
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Jill Thompson is the most well-known, female comicbook artist working in the comics industry today. She graduated in 1987 from the American Academy of Art in Chicago and has been working non-stop as a cartoonist and illustrator ever since. She has risen to the top of the male-dominated field and has garnered acclaim for her work on WONDER WOMAN, SWAMP THING, BLACK ORCHID and the award winning title SANDMAN with Neil Gaiman. She has co-created and illustrated the dark-satire FINALS in 1999 and recently finished writing and illustrating a 192 page manga style book for DC COMICS called AT DEATH'S DOOR.

She has illustated books for nearly every comic book publisher in the United States. (see list)

In 1997, Jill's first children's book, THE SCARY GODMOTHER was released to critical acclaim and the film and tv rights were optioned in 1999 by Mainframe Entertainment. Subsequent books in the series include Scary Godmother-The Revenge of Jimmy, Scary Godmother-The Mystery Date and Scary Godmother-The Boo Flu. There are also as series of delightful comicbook tales published by Sirius Entertainment featuring everyone's favorite winged witch. An all ages favorite, these comics and books are enjoyed by both young and old alike and fan's of the Scary Godmother range in age from three to eighty three! Select Scary Godmother stories have been translated into Spanish by La Factoria, into Italian by Kappa Edizione and into German by Ehapa.

Not content to simply sit home and draw, Jill travels the US and beyond meeting fans and speaking about comics, literacy and art.

In September and October of 2001, Chicago theater fans were treated to 26 performances of the stageplay adaptation of Scary Godmother at the Athanaeum Theater. The children's theater production was produced by Runamuck Productions and co-written and overseen by Jill. Fans flew in from as far as Los Angeles and Seattle to see the final weekend's performance and Jill was on hand for Q&A sessions and autographs after the show.

In 1999, Mainframe Entertainment optioned The Scary Godmother for 3d computer animation and the first hour long Scary Godmother Holiday Spooktakular will air on YTV in Canada on October 26, 2003. Jill worked closely with Mainframe and not only co- wrote the television adaptation but also worked as an executive cretive consultant on the project. She supplied watercolor paintings for backgrounds, set designs and character designs as well as consulted on voice casting and musical direction.

Jill enjoys working with other writers and artists from time to time and most recently has collaborated with former wrestler turned author Mick Foley and illustrated MICK FOLEY'S HALLOWEEN HIJINX which debuted at number seven on the NY Times children's book best seller's list.


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