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Basics of Food Management - Why Should You Care?

Food management is a key element to living a healthier life. Food is something amazing. It makes us happy and joyful. You would open the fridge to find good leftovers or fresh ingredients to make a great meal. Or you can just order your favorite Chinese dish.

Acquiring ingredients and making meals have never been this easy in human history. Thanks to modern technology food is a press away from an app.

But there is a downside to this. We’ve taken the whole process for granted. While people from previous generations have enjoyed fresh food, our generation has a habit of consuming preserved goods. We’ve become reluctant to even check up on what we’re having. 

Basics Of Food Management

Why It Matters

Why Food Management Matters

A big problem in our modern lives is health decline. The ignorance in food management plays a key role in this problem. So we're here to show you how to manage your food in every step of the way so that you can save more money, cook better food and live a healthier life.

The Cycle of Food

The Cycle of Food

The whole process of acquiring ingredients and making a great meal has a few steps. You call it a cycle, which we repeat again and again. Sometimes we're not careful in some of these steps. Which is why we end up with bad results, even though we're careful in some steps.

Shopping for Food

Shopping for Food

If you want something fresh from the fields, you can just visit the local store as well. Unlike the medieval era, you won't have to acquire land to grow them (or you could).

Getting ingredients have never been this easy. Packed meat, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits we can get everything from the grocery shop. But if you don't know how to shop properly, you might not get the best ingredients all the time. You might get bad ones.

The first step to managing food is managing to get the right ingredients. We need to must follow a few guidelines:

For packed meat products make sure, the pack isn’t torn.
No products should be purchased after the expiry date
Buy the refrigerated products last.

To help you shop better, you can try the Amazon Fresh which will pack your fridge on a scheduled basis.

Storing Your Food

Storing Your Food

Storing food is the next big step. We can’t head over to the market every day to buy food. We end up stocking food in our fridge. But we shouldn’t stock them for way too long.

Different food types need to be stored differently. Vegetables need to keep fresh. Storing them for too long will make them go dry. Different vegetables react differently when stored. Some dry out faster, while other rot. However, its nutrition value reduces over time.

Meat, on the other hand, is different. Meat contains a lot of protein, which is great for the body. However, when protein loses its composure, it turns into a harmful protein. Every poison on this planet is some form of protein.

So when you’re looking to store meat and fish, you have to be careful. We have to make sure it doesn’t stay in the fridge for too long.
When it comes to cooked meals, we have to be more careful. Meals usually last 3-4 before they get decomposed. Using the freezer could save it up to a longer period. But we shouldn't do that.

Using good fridges is a good idea. Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, etc. have a state of the art fridges.

Preparing Food Items

Preparing Food Items

Next comes preparing the food. After making sure you have the best ingredients you have to prepare them for cooking. There are some golden rules here.

You have to keep your hands clean at first. Make sure you wash them before you start the preparation. If you don’t wash your hands, it could lead to contamination.

The second rule is not to cross contaminate. Cross contamination is creating contact between two different types of ingredients.
Using the same board to cut both the vegetables and fish is a mistake. It could be bad for your health. Fish is raw and needs to be washed thoroughly.

Thirdly make sure the utilities used for cooking is clean. You have to clean them occasionally. The cutting board, knife, the frying pan may have issues. They need to be cleaned occasionally.

Fourthly, marinated food must be covered if they're to be stored. Making sure they're covered a must.

Cooking: The Hard Yet Fun Part

Cooking The Hard Yet Fun Part

Cooking is the best part and for some the worst part of food management. Cooking requires skill, knowledge, and understanding.
The chef has to know their ingredients. And cook each ingredient accordingly.

Meat needs to be cooked properly and thoroughly. Making sure that the meat is cooked from both inside and out is very important. Consuming raw meat is very bad for health. We need to rest it for 3 minutes before consuming.

Ground meat needs to cooked too if they are raw. That also goes for pork and every form of raw ground meat. The same goes for every form of poultry. Eggs need to be cooked properly. Chicken meat needs to be well heated. Kenmore offers great ovens that cook meat properly.

Serving the Food

Serving food is also important. Making sure that the food is served properly ensures safety. Some food ingredients shouldn't be served cold and heated up. Using Chafing dishes, you can make sure that the food is warm. The ZenChef offers great service to keep your food warm. Lastly, Perishable food should not be kept out for more than 2 hours.

Serving The Food

Leftovers to Eat

Food left outside for more than 2 hours should not be stored. Cooked leftovers should be eaten by 4 days.

Things to Look Out for 


Bottom line is this; there are a few things you should always look out for.

  • Personal Hygiene: Making sure you maintain minimum hygiene while managing your food.
  • Time and Temperature Control: Making sure your cooking timing and temperature is maintained to avoid raw food.
  • Cross Contamination Prevention: Making sure you don’t cross contaminate.

Food management is an integral part of our lives. To lead a happy, healthy life, we have to make sure that the food is in good condition.

How To Change Front Motorcycle Tire?

Hello everyone, today we’re going to show you how to change your front motorcycle tire. Knowing how to change a motorcycle tire can save you some time and ensure that the job is done to your desires.

Removing a motorcycle front wheel is not a hard work to do and once you get the technique of it, you not need more than a few minutes to change your bike’s front tires.

Now, let’s start our article.

Tools You Needed To Change A Tire

Every mechanic has his favorite tools to do the job. But you needed a few basic tools. These are;

  • A lifting jack
  • Set of irons
  • Gloves for your hand’s safety

Step 1 – Set The Motorcycle In Right Position

At first, you need to set the motorcycle in the correct position and use the lifting jack to lift the front wheel. When you do it, ensure that the wheel is lifted enough to make your work easy.

And obviously, don’t forget to wear hand’s gloves before starting your work.

Step 2 – Remove The Front Wheel

The front wheel of the motorcycle is screwed by two allen head bolts on both sides. Find the bolts and loosen it. Now, you can start to spin the wheel to remove it.

If your motorcycle set in a good position, you’ll get easy access to the front axle of the wheel. If you don’t get it, jack up the motorcycle some more.

Step 3 – Remove The Valve Cap Of The Tire

Remove the valve cap of the front tire to release all the air inside. You need to use a small pin kit to remove the valve cap.

Step 4 – Release The Tire From The Rim

After all the air out from the tire, you need to take out the tire from the rim. There are several methods to do the job.

Most of the bike has small front rim sizes. In these cases, only muscle power is enough to break the rim seal.

But for the larger rims, you can use a hydraulic bead-breaking machine to do the work. But this type of instrument not generally found in all the garages.

So here, an iron spoon is the easiest solution. It’s called a spoon because it has a round head like spoons.

Pull the iron spoon between the bead and rim and do it until the tire gets to remove.

Step 5- Set The New Tire On The Rim

Now, your work is almost done. Take a new tire and brush some tire soap on to the outer lips of both sides of the tire to set the tire on to the rim easily. If you don’t have this tire soap, you can use lubricant or liquid hand soap to do it.

Holding the rim in place with foot and push the tire on to the rim to set the tire on it. After that, use a compressor to inflate the tire until the sidewalls seat on the rim perfectly.

Installing a new tire really is the exact same thing as removal, only you need to do the reverse work here.

Final Words

Changing motorcycle tires isn’t a fun job but it’s a good one to know how to do it. You can visit toolspicks.com for more info about it.

Thanks for reading.

Can a Gerbil Live in a Hamster Cage?

Gerbils have a lot of things in common with Hamsters – both animals are rodents, both make adorable little pets, and both eat food that looks similar. But this is usually where the similarities end.

Thepetadvisors states this: Gerbils can live in Hamster cages but only for a short while. You are better off investing in a gerbilarium or tanks specifically made for Gerbils if you intend to keep them for the long term. Basic Hamster cages and Gerbil cages have their own specialties which will be discussed below.

Hamster Cages

Hamsters are slow-moving animals who like to live in solitary in a tidy & neat cage. Their legs are short in comparison to their large bodies; made for walking in tunnels, not for speedrunning. Hamsters usually sleep all day in their plastic cage with a thin layer of wood shavings.

Hamster Cages

Since Hamsters do not need bedding with many layers, their cages do not contain a deep plastic base that is required to hold many layers of wood shavings. Hamsters like walking inside tunnels both horizontally and vertically, something that is possible by Hamsters because of the girth of their giant bodies.

Hamsters have a tendency of moving their food around and hoarding them for later. For the characteristics discussed above, an ideal cage for Hamsters would be small and divided into parts, connected by tubes made of plastic. The base of the cage would be minimal and shallow. Wheels can be found in Hamster cages too.

Gerbil Cages

Gerbils, on the other hand, are fast-moving animals who happen to like living in a very messy environment. Their bodies are petite with long hind legs for digging and speed. Gerbils like to run around and dig a lot, and they almost never stay still. They sleep for a short while and wake up, runs around a bit and fall asleep again.

Gerbil Cages

The bedding required for Gerbils must be at least a few inches deep because they need room to dig and move stuff around. Because of this, the bases for a Gerbil cage or tank must be deep and made of either glass or solid plastic. They enjoy kicking around the cage contents in the bedding day and night.

Gerbils love staying in tunnels or underground where they cannot be seen because these kinds of settings make them feel safe. They usually move only horizontally in tunnels because their bodies are not made to move vertically.

Why Gerbil Can’t Be Kept In Hamster Cages For Long?

Gerbils have very strong teeth and can chew through almost anything.

To prevent this, the walls of a Gerbil’s cage have to be especially strong. If a Gerbil is put inside a Hamster cage, it can and will chew through the colorful plastic cages, ladders, shelves, and even food bowls. All of these inside a Hamster cage are made of plastic with a Hamster in mind so they are usually not Gerbil-proof.

Gerbils are not safe in a Hamster cage for long term living because they can destroy the cage pretty easily, and the bedding is nowhere near enough for them. The ideal cage for Gerbils is very different from a Hamster cage. It should not contain plastic parts with edges.

Plastics can be used but they need to be smooth with no edge, so the Gerbil has no starting point for chewing. A cage with little compartments connected by tunnels is ideal for Hamster but not-so-ideal for Gerbils because they can easily chew through the plastic parts and wreak havoc.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Gerbils are social animals and need to stay in touch with each other, a cage made of many compartments can prevent that. The ideal Gerbil cage should be much bigger than a Hamster cage, made of glass or solid plastic, and have a deep base filled with lots of bedding.

Final Words

In conclusion, while Gerbils can live inside a Hamster cage for a short time, Gerbils are not safe in hamster cages for a long period of time and they should have cages specifically made for them.

How Big Should a Chinchilla Cage Be?

Chinchillas are another part of the rodent family of mammals. They are usually found in rocky and arid mountain areas of South America.

A chinchilla’s traits include being active and playful, but also is not accustomed to handling all the time as dogs and cats. All in one, they’re cool to have as pets!

They are also very much known for their luxurious, soft and thick fur—which are their weapons in the wild for protecting them, but when housed-in as a pet, it’s important to keep them somewhere cool to prevent overheating.

As you can’t just let your little chinchilla roam around your house all the time, it’s important that you get them a homey space that they can call their own—a chinchilla cage.

To help you understand how big your cage should be, and what to do next before bringing your own little chewy home, this can work as your go-to guide. We’ve taken a lot of info from seeing this website.

Sounds good? Scroll down to learn more!

Making Cages Great Again

It really goes hand in hand with the fact that, when you’re bringing a pet home, you have to provide them with the best you can. And because we’re talking about homes, it should have space—a lot of it.

To build a clear picture and help you get a better idea, here’s a list of things you should consider before buying your chinchilla cage:

  • Size

The bigger, the better. You can choose a cage that’s large enough as 3 feet by 2 feet, as 24 inches by 24 inches for flooring space.


Chinchillas also love to climb and are jumpy creatures, so if you can get a tall multi-level cage with platforms and ladders, it will be good for them.

Also to add, it will be better if you choose a metallic cage with about 0.5” space of bar spacing for your chinchilla to interact with you at all times.

  • Safety

It’s important that you avoid plastic made cages because these little rodents are crazy-chewers.

For instance, it’s inevitable that if you also provide them with plastic toys, they’re definitely going to eat it. Avoid anything plastic, because you don’t want to play with their health.

Also, avoid galvanized coating and lead paint as it will harm your chinchilla’s ingestion. You can opt-in for powder-coated paint instead, and even though it’s a little expensive, it will be worth it.

  • Ease of cleaning

If you choose a large properly sized cage, it will turn out to be better for you—as you can opt for weekly cleaning over everyday maintenance.

For your tray or pan, it depends on the bedding you choose. For example, if you choose loose bedding, you can go for a 2” depth.

How to make your Cage Greater?

Now that you know, which and what kind of cage to choose, it’s important that bow you realize the importance of where your chinchilla resides in your house.

Here’s what you should make sure to maintain when putting you chinchilla cage in its respective chosen space:

  • Temperature: Keep the cage in a cool area, and don’t expose it to direct sunlight to avoid overheating. Don’t go over 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Light: As they are nocturnal creatures, they’ll be more active in the dark, but for your satisfaction, you can keep one light at all times around them.
  • Food and water: For food, you can use heavy ceramic bowls that don’t tip over; and water can be provided in glass bottles.
  • Other essentials—toys and a nest box. Provide them with nest boxes and keep the environment a look alike of mountain areas. For their playtime, a wooden block can be a nice toy; while, wheels can also be great for exercise.

Bring your chinchilla home!

You’re good to go, so it’s now time for you to step up the plate and get your little chewy home. At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to care and now that you’ve decided to be a chinchilla-mom, own up.

What are you waiting for? It’s time, go ahead and bring your chinchilla home!

How to Restring a Pole Saw?

If you think of yourself as a gardener, you ought to know much about the troubles that come along with gardening. Growing a garden full of big trees can be hard, but pruning them out from time to time can be harder. The knight in shining armor, for this task, is without a doubt a pole saw.

A pole saw is simply a saw on the end of a pole, which can be either an automatic one or a manual one. Now, you gotta keep some things in mind while purchasing.

Given that you like using a manual pole saw, you might want to restring the rope attached to it every once in a while to keep it up and running.

If your pole saw string gets worn out then you would not be able to prune precisely like you were able to before. Here are some basic guidelines that will ensure a proper walk-through with the restringing process:

Materials You Need:

  1. Towel/ Rag
  2. Rope
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Scissors/ Sharp knife

Steps to Follow:

If you have accumulated all the necessary materials, then it’s time to get down to business. Read the steps, and follow them precisely in order to get to an efficient result!

  • Step 1: Secure the Blade

Wrap a towel or a rag multiple times around the blade while restringing the pole saw. This is done to prevent mishaps while changing the rope.

  • Step 2: Untie the Old Rope

The first and foremost step is to untie the rope that has become old and damaged. While doing this, try to remember how the looping was done around the pulley, so that you can redo it with the new rope. Also, make sure to put away the attached handle securely.

  • Step 3: Tie the New Rope

Take one end of the new rope, and insert it through the pulley by using the blade from the outside to the inside. Then you have to pull it down to the anchor near the pole. After that, bring the rope to the outside again.

Tie the New Rope

Now bring the rope back, and put it through the lowest hole of the pulley. You can use the screwdriver to do this.

Then tie a firm knot, so that the rope is tight and secured. Pull down the other side of the rope all the way to the pole. Then go ahead, and check if the pole saw functions properly.

  • Step 4: Trim the Rope

Your next step is to trim the rope to the required length. The rope should be cut a little shorter than the pole. Use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to do this neatly.

  • Step 5: Tie the handle

Take the handle, and tie it to the free end of the rope to secure a knot and viola! You’re done with restringing your pole in no time!

Now with those steps, you are almost done.

Some Details to Keep in Mind

To make the process smoother, there are some extra steps that you need to keep in mind.

  • Use a rope that perfectly fits into the groove of the pulley.
  • Select a polyester rope to avoid friction.
  • Never forget to cover up the blades beforehand. Safety first!
  • Use a handle with a good grip to avoid accidents or to avoid ruining your pruning process.

So next time you want to restring your pole saw, just follow these simple steps and you’ll be back to sawing in no time!

Harbor Freight Plasma Cutter Review

Welding is an important task at any kind of manufacturing company. There are various welding machines of which plasma cutter is famous for its speed and efficiency.

People who are associated with welding purpose, recommend having a plasma cutter for thinner cuts of the metal. Sometimes, it gets hard for a person to choose from a lot of brands.

The Harbor Freight plasma cutter, in this case, should be your first choice. Plasma cutters of this particular brand come with an affordable price that is most effective for short metal works. Plasma cutters from this brand are always user-friendly.

Harbor Freight offers you unique products that are specially manufactured based on customer’s demand and requirements.

In our today’s article, we will be giving reviews of some plasma cutters offered by Harbor Freight. So, without any further delay, let’s get into the topic.

240-volt Plasma Cutter

If you are looking for any kind of effective plasma cutter then you should give this product a look. This plasma cutter can cut metals like cast iron, magnesium, copper, titanium, aluminum, etc. This machine will give you powerful welding with a comfortable using experience.

240-volt Plasma Cutter

The 240-volt Harbor Freight plasma cutter is lightweight and weighs 49.6 lbs. For this reason, it is easy to carry from one place to another. This machine has a warning valve that helps in thermal protection. The machine has short hose and ground cables.

It has a great pressure regulation that helps the air or gas to regulate internally. The plasma cutter will give you a service that has a duty cycle percentage of 40%. This machine has a striking arc structure that will always give you a ‘Panic less’ start. You will get a torch (PT-40) that will come with a safety guard.

Hobart AF 12 ci

In case you are looking for a plasma cutter that can cut through metals precisely and faster, then this machine can be your first priority. It can also cut through thick metals with normal electricity pass. The product includes tips, sand off guide, electrode, 110-volt plug, and a power cord.

Hobart AF 12 ci

This plasma cutter from Harbor Freight also comes as lightweight and you can carry this machine anywhere. The cables are flexible and you won’t be facing any hassle regarding this factor. You will also have a thermal protector that will keep the machine safe from excessive heating. Overall, it is comfortable to use.

It is affordable hence you don’t need to worry about the cost. This product is also user-friendly and is one of the best plasma cutters offered by the same company.

Hobart AF 250 CI

This plasma cutter is robust in nature. There is no cutting power limit hence you can cut metals at your regular pace for a long time and get your job faster than before. You will only require a power outlet for running this machine. For its relentless performance, it achieved the editor’s choice award.

Hobart AF 250 CI Plasma Cutter

You will get a power cord that is 7 feet long and it will give you a nice cutting experience. This machine offers rubber sleeves with the cord for maximum protection. You will be able to cut thinner metal pieces with this plasma cutter.

If you buy this product, you will be getting- a darkling helmet, a pair of welding gloves, tips, and electrodes. Overall, this machine is self-reliant and can be used anywhere for being portable and user-friendly.

Safety Instructions

You should follow instructions and bits of advice that are very important when you use a plasma cutter. If you don’t follow them, accidents can occur that may harm you in various ways. Read the following instructions carefully and have a safe time.

  • Protect your eyes with the help of a helmet. You can also use goggles that are made for this sole purpose.
  • Make sure your dress does not contain any oil or oily substance.
  • Forbid children and animals to get near the area where you are using a plasma cutter.
  • Do not wear cuff pants.
  • Before plugging in, off the switch.
  • The most important factor is ensuring a nice working environment. If you are doing this operation in your own residence, then try to do it outside the lawn or inside the garage.


Our comprehensive research has brought this article into your hands. We have covered up the best plasma cutters that Harbor Freight offers. This particular brand surely produces plasma cutters that are affordable and give a splendid performance. We hope the reviews will help you in buying your desired plasma cutter.


What Size Vent For Under Cabinet Range Hood?

Today we’re discussing what size of vent do you need the different types and styles of various range hoods available on the market today.

The primary purpose of a range hood is to ventilate your kitchen to remove smoke, steam, odors, and heat as well as to help absorb and trap grease so that it doesn’t end up on your walls, cabinets, and appliances.

The Various Types And How They Work

Hoods have 3 venting options Vented or Ducted – which funnels the bad air to the outside of your home through a duct, wall or roof. Non-Vented or Recirculating – pulls the bad air through a charcoal filter and exhausts the clean air back into the room.

It’s a good idea to change the charcoal filter regularly. Otherwise, it’s not as effective. And convertible, which simply means the hood has the option to be vented or non-vented.

The best way to get effective air removal is to purchase a hood that is at least as wide as the cooking surface and deep enough to cover the back burners and at least half of the front burners. Shallower hoods should be mounted closer to the cooktop surface.

The size of vents you need will depend on the type of hood you choose to get according to Sweet Revelations.

Canopy Hoods – are the most common of all hoods; they must either mount to a wall, undercabinet, or soffit. They range in sizes from 21″ to 42″ wide, and can be as tall as 10″.Lower outputs can go as high as 1,000 CFM’s on a few models but more commonly CFM’srange between 300 and 800, with included blowers.

These hoods will also have the most flexible price points. Chimney Hoods consist of a canopy and duct cover that can be a wall, or ceiling mounted if installed over an Island. They range in sizes from 30″ to 60″ wide with the ability to extend the duct cover-up to12″ high depending on the model to accommodate up to 10 ft ceiling.

The canopies on these models are available in Stainless or Glass with several decorative styles to accent any kitchen. The average range between 300 and 800 CFM’s with the included blowers and only a few models available over 1000 CFM’s.

Downdrafts are a good alternative if traditional venting isn’t an option they lay flush with your cooktop when not in use and pop up for venting when needed.

Downdrafts work by drawing the air down through a vent to the outside and in a few models have the ability to recirculate the canopies on these models can be as tall as 18″ high with blower outputs upward of1,500 CFM’s. It’s important to remember that not all professional hoods include blowers.

Custom hood inserts are units designed to fit inside a custom cabinet or enclosure. These inserts can contain lighting, blowers, and speed control.

These inserts give you the ability to completely customize the look and allow you to choose the appropriate amount of power and like Pro-Style Hoods, the blower may be an added cost. Another thing to consider when buying a hood is blower types.

Hood blowers come 3 ways Internal – which means the blower motor is inside the actual hood, because of this these units tend to be a bit noisier than the external models but are ideal for those who have restrictions with ductwork or several bends in the duct, they are extremely functional and offer great performance external blowers – which means the blower is usually mounted somewhere outside the home usually on the roof or in an attic.

These units minimize noise levels on the inside and perform just as well or better than internal blowers because they tend to offer higher CFM’s. But be sure to mount them far enough away so that the external noise from the units don’t disturb you when you are outside and know that they will require a more detailed installation.

To Conclude

And lastly, be sure to turn on your hood at least 10 minutes before you start cooking to get the proper airflow going. Turning your hood on after you have started cooking makes it much more difficult for the hood to be effective with air capture. Hope this article helped you in any way good luck choosing.

AO Smith Tankless Water Heater Reviews

A tankless water heater is becoming everyone’s first choice when it comes to heating water. Though the price is quite high, you can be sure that it will be a good investment in the long run.

You will get instant hot water supply with a simple turn on the faucet. The water gets heated up only the time you are in need of it, and other than that, the temperature of it stays normal. This helps in preventing electrical consumption and helps in reducing your electricity bill.

Unfortunately, the traditional tank-based one is losing its demand and value with time because of its multiple drawbacks. This old model will heat the water continuously despite you the fact you are in need of it or not.

This won’t only release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere but will increase your electricity bill along with it. Sounds gruesome, right!

As it is the perfect time for you to switch to the tankless water heater, the ultimate challenge arises when you have to pick the kind that will give the best performance.

In the list of top-ranked heating systems, AO Smith is considered one of the top brands. It is very famous for its innovative devices and is growing at a very fast pace due to its remarkable performance worldwide.

Following the article, you will get an honest review of the AO Smith Tankless Water Heater. Let’s check it out.

AO Smith ATO-110-N

AO Smith ATO-110-N

You can use this model in residential or even commercial purposes as it is very flexible in both cases. This water heater is a non-condensing one, which means it will push the exhaust gases outside with the help of the ventilation system, and as a result, some of the heat will be lost to the surroundings.

You will be getting around 80% of efficiency from this model.

The water flow rate is remarkable, and it is running around 6.6 gallons for every minute. This makes it a perfect fit for a midsized home. You will find two categories of this model, one is outdoor, and the other one is indoor. You will be able to use natural or propane gas for it to operate smoothly.

It is highly durable and very easy to use. It will take a couple of minutes for you to get used to it. There are various safety features like a flame sensor, fuse (overheat), and many more to prevent any kind of uncertain accidents.

The warranty for it is huge, and you will be surprised to know that you will get a 12 years warranty on the heat exchanger (residential purpose) and 5 years on the parts.

AO Smith ATI-310-P

AO Smith ATI-310-P

ATI-310-P is quite powerful than the previous one. You will get a water flow rate of around 8 gallons for every minute, and due to this, you will be able to get warm water throughout your home, including the kitchen. Dishwashing and hot shower won’t be a problem if you buy this model.

You will find safety features for yourself and also for the heating system. For the device, there is a freezing protection system that will shield the pipes from getting frozen in winter. In the case of yourself, there is a built-in flame sensor (fire warning), thermistors (monitoring water temperature), etc.

The warranty period is the same as the previous one. Overall the benefit that comes from this model proves that your investment won’t go to waste.

AO Smith ATO-510-N

AO Smith ATO-510-N

This one is the most powerful of all the ones mentioned above. Like the ATO-110-N, it is also a non-condensing heater. The water flow rate is 10 gallons per minute and very much suitable for residential or commercial purposes.

If you go to the store, you will two types of this model (indoor and outdoor), and you should go for the one according to your requirements.

Like the previous model, there is a freezing protection system to work flawlessly in winter or other cold atmospheres. There is also a cut-off fuse (overheat) in case you accidentally adjust the temperature to an unimaginable extent.

With the help of the thermistors, you will be able to track the temperature and re-adjust it in times of emergency. To protect yourself, this heater is a must buy, and not only that, it is built in a way that it can shield itself.


So there you go, the reviews of AO Smith Tankless Water Heaters. Go through their benefits and features and pick the one that will fit with your budget and other criteria.

Have an enjoyable day.

Learn How to Win at Foosball?

Like any game, foosball requires strategy alongside practice to ensure victory.

You may sometimes struggle to find an opening or leave yourself wide open too many times or maybe your approach isn’t working. There a few tips which you can use to improve your foosball game.

Tip 1: Put a greater emphasis on timing over speed

If you’re too busy moving all about the place trying to intercept each and every shot your opponent makes you’ll just end up tired. Instead of rapidly firing the ball hoping to breach the opponent’s defense you should wait for the best opportunity to strike.

Tip 2: Keep your eye on the ball

Failing to keep track of the ball will probably cause you to suffer a goal. Many goals are easily avoided by keeping track of the ball and ensuring control over it.

You should try to maintain possession of the ball as much as you can as it will keep your opponent guessing and struggling to get the ball back in his control. This will create pressure on him.

Tip 3: Learn to improve your shooting and catching skills using the three-man bar

If you really want to improve your foosball game, this point cannot be stated enough. Learning to pass from the 5 bar to the 3 bar and learning to shoot from the 3 bar are very important skills for foosball players. It’s easier to score from the 3 bar and maintain ball control via the 5 bar and 3 bar.

Tip 4: Make sure you’re very good at a particular type of shot

When the boll is rolling from one side to another you won’t get time to adjust and prepare accordingly. If you want to improve your chances you will want to play a proactive game and not a reactive one, i.e. you will want to focus on one strategy and aim to set up and execute that strategy.

good at a particular type of shot

Often the crux of that strategy involves a particular type of shot (the pull and snake shot are particularly used for their speed) and the remainder of that strategy is setting up the field so as to maximize the effectiveness of that shot.

By practicing that particular shot you will be aware of the strengths and weaknesses and how to adapt your strategy against different play styles.

Tip 5: Keep a loose grip

This will allow for maximum movement and speed and you’ll notice your shot speed going up. Keep some space between the rod and the palm.

Tip 6: Play defensively

It’s very easy to suffer a goal if you aren’t following the ball. Your objective will be to set up the field and find the perfect opportunity to strike.

Your strategy will be rendered null if you suffer a goal because you didn’t keep your eyes on the ball. Blocking and catching balls isn’t as hard as you might think. If your defense is strong your opponent will be pressured into making a mistake.

While tips and tricks are all good you should remember that the best way to improve is to observe how experts play and practice regularly. And you can see this on sportsxpro.com.

Best of luck with your future games.

Tortilla Press Wood vs. Cast Iron

A tortilla press is a ‘must be present’ cooking instrument at almost every house in Mexico. Since tortilla is famous across the world, this mechanical contraption is quite well known to all.

There are many kinds of tortilla press available in the market, mainly made from wood, cast iron, or aluminum. You can also make your own tortilla press at your home using wood.

A tortilla press is essential in shaping the tortilla into a perfect shape. Rolling pin can also be used in this regard. But the press method is easier compared to the rolling pin method.

In our article, we will try to compare two kinds of tortilla press- wooden and iron cast tortilla press. Now, without any hesitation, let’s get started!

Tortilla Press – What Is It Exactly?

A tortilla press is a kitchen utensil or instrument that is used for making the dough into tortilla shaped. One important factor is that the tortilla press is only used for making corn tortillas. It is mainly made of wood, iron, or aluminum.

The main mechanism is you will put a dough at the center of one surface, and then press the dough with other surface using the hand that will flatten the dough into a perfect tortilla.

An electrical tortilla press is a blessing from advanced technology. It is considered a modern way of making tortilla because you can not only shape the dough but also cook the tortilla inside the press.

Wooden vs. Cast Iron Tortilla Press

We have gone through comprehensive research and collected information on these two particular tortilla presses. A description of each of these two tortilla presses will be given, and we will come to a conclusion on which press is the best. Go through each line and try to make your own decision too. Let’s get into the topic now!

Wooden Tortilla Press

The best thing about this tortilla press is that it comes at a very low cost and offers great performance. The price range is between 20 dollars-80 dollars. Comparatively cheap ones are mainly made of pine wood. You can also make this wooden tortilla press inside your home.

Pine is actually considered as softwood. For this reason, it is lightweight and quite durable. But the cheap ones may not come as a quality product for the fact that many inconveniences occur from time to time. So, our suggestion is to stick with a moderate price ranged wooden tortilla press.

Wooden Tortilla Press

The higher budget wooden tortilla press is mainly made of oak, maple, or mesquite. These are comparatively harder and heavier than softwood. You will have to pay a little more, but in the long run, they will give you a prolific good performance. The cost is overall worth it.

Wooden tortilla press can also be made at home and is affordable. If you follow the instructions properly, you will make a press that will work the same as a store-bought tortilla press.

With the heavier and bulky sized tortilla press, you may face problems regarding space and storing capacity. Another problem arises with their bigger footprint than the correlative metal portions.

Cast Iron Tortilla Press

This tortilla press is one of the most convenient presses in the market. Its design is almost the same as the aluminum tortilla press, but unlike aluminum, they are quite heavier.

For this reason, it becomes hard to move this tortilla press from place to place. The price of a cast iron tortilla press starts from 20 dollars, and the highest it can get is a maximum of 35 dollars or a few bucks more.

Cast Iron Tortilla Press

If you want to make a number of tortillas at a time, then this model can become very useful. The pressing mechanism is very swift, and it saves up a lot of time. You will have a suitably shaped tortilla without any uneven thickness after pressing.

The only problem people are afraid of their finish on the top surface. People find it confusing whether the press will scratch the tortilla or not. For this reason, it is recommended to set a protection layer like a piece of cardboard on the press.

With less price and a lot of facilities, this cast iron tortilla press is more or less popular among the mass people. Usually, common cast iron press comes in 8” model though the size starts from 6.5”. The bulkier tortilla press will cost a few bucks more than the standard price range.

Now, Which Is the Best?

Both of the two instruments are good for making a round-shaped tortilla. But our verdict will go for the cast iron tortilla press. Cast iron tortilla press has been found more durable and sturdier; hence lasts a long period of time. It has a low chance of betting broken.

The cast iron tortilla press will increase the efficiency of making tortilla as handles and surfaces are sturdier and seem to get the job done more easily. Most people afraid of rusting. But, there are some methods, which, if followed, can help the iron coating from rusting.

Is Store-Bought Tortilla Good?

Actually, there is no difference, but sometimes a good brand is recommended. But, in general, home-made tortillas are considered the best regarding taste and smell both. So, why take hassle going to a market and buy tortilla? Take your press and start cooking instead.


After reading this whole article, you yourself will able to make a decision about which one is better. According to our research, we have given the best answer. Hopefully, it was beneficial for you. Thank you for staying with us.

How to Choose the Best Electric Fillet Knife?

An electric fillet knife comes with multiple benefits starting from easy slicing and chopping to making the best kind of fillets. It is basically a valuable tool to own in your kitchen cabinet if you need something to make your cooking game easier.

Due to such importance of an electric knife, it can get pretty challenging to pick out the best when there are so many options available.

So, to choose the best electric fillet knife, you need to have a clear knowledge of all the essential features by going through the best electric fillet knife reviews.

Features of A Basic Fillet Knife

No matter how expensive or cheap a fillet knife is, the essential traits are more or less the same. A basic fillet knife is somewhat flexible, to begin with. Flexibility refers to the ability to move along the fish bones and under the skin of the meat.

They are named fillet knives due to their exceptional abilities for filleting meat and fish. Most electric fillet knives are around 15-30 cm in length.

A basic fillet knife comprises a blade made of stainless steel. It also comes with a steady handle for a better grip. Electric fillet knives are equipped with batteries and electrical cords to generate maximum power in the shortest time possible.

Apart from these essential traits, an electric knife can also possess accessories like sharpeners and sheaths. The sharpener is necessary for reforming the original blade when it starts wearing off over time.

Choosing the Best Fillet Knife

It can be a tough decision when it comes to choosing the best electric fillet knife out there, especially when the options are extensive. But you can quickly narrow it down by only sticking to the features that make a fillet knife best.

Some of the selective characteristics that make a good electric fillet knife are;

Material of Blade

Electric fillet knife blades are usually made of stainless steel. The overall performance of the knife depends mainly on the capacity of the blade. So, it is important to choose a blade that comes with good quality steel.

Good quality steel blade ensures maximum resistance, has high flexibility, and sharpens without much effort. It also plays a role in potentiating the efficiency of the knife as well as resisting rust formation.

Usually, knife made of tool and stainless steel is more resistant to rust than carbon steel or any form of alloy steel.

So it is a vital feature to consider when you’re searching for the best electric knife out there.


Most fillet knives have an average size of 15-30 cm. But size is also closely related to your working sphere. For instance, if your meat or fish size is very short or long compared to your knife size, the cuts will not be precise.

You will also find it difficult to hold the knife and use it in case of size maladjustments. So, you need to choose a size that will be suitable for the average size of the fish or meat you're slicing.

To stay safe, it is best to avoid a knife, which is 5 cm longer or shorter than your fish or meat size. Therefore, size is definitely an important feature to consider for a good electric knife.


The longevity of an electric knife depends on a lot of factors. Some of these factors include the type of steel, sharpening a knife, and taking adequate care of it. All these factors play an important role in pointing out how durable the knife is.

The type of steel of a knife has a role in indicating if it is meant to last long. Electric knives can be made of both hard and soft steel. Each steel type has its own pros and cons.


Hard steel has a higher chance of breaking while soft steel does not. However, soft steel requires frequent sharpening and has less flexibility. In that aspect, hard steel contains more flexibility and requires less sharpening.

Apart from steel type, sharpening also plays a role in pointing out a good electric knife. It is important to sharpen an electric knife once in a while to make sure that the potency of the knife is intact, and the former shape is restored. If you sharpen your knife over a good period of time, your knife has better longevity.

The final step to getting a durable electric knife is taking care of it. Regular maintenance of your knife is the ultimate way to obtaining a long-lasting knife and taking safety precautions while using it and keeping the knife clean and dry plays a vital role in ensuring longevity.


An electric knife has maximum flexibility if it can make good fillets in no time. Flexibility basically refers to how well the knife can slide along the fish bones and meat skin to make the perfect slices. The smoother the fillet cuts, the flexible your knife is.  

So, it is definitely an important feature to consider if you want an electric knife that can achieve best filleting of fish and meat.

All these traits of an electric knife can determine how good the knife is and how well it will function. Therefore, in order to choose the best electric knife, you should observe these features closely.


Summing it up, it is evident that it's not an easy task to choose the best electric fillet knife without appropriate knowledge. Detailed analysis of all of the important specifications is the ultimate gateway to finding a good electric knife.

Some Frequently Answer Question About Tile Saw

Are you thinking of getting yourself a tile saw? Or do you have a project to finish that needs a tile saw? In any case, there are tons of things that you should know about before you start using this machine.

They can be used for diverse tasks, so having one is actually quite handy. Moreover, they actually come with a water supply, which cools down the blade during operation. That is why they are alternatively known as a wet tile saw.

However, having this information is often not enough. There are tons of other things that you need to know to operate them properly without any hassles and hazards.

That is why read this comprehensive article to find answers to your questions regarding tile saws. This interesting tool has a lot to offer, and they come with a lot of pros and cons.

To operate them safely, you need to know about each and every part of them. Hence, we will be answering questions that will be covering every aspect of using a tile saw.

Frequent Questions Regarding Tile Saws

1. Is a tile saw required to cut tiles?

Normally, you can cut tiles with other types of saws/cutter as well. However, when it comes to porcelain or ceramic tile, you should get the job done with a wet tile saw, which includes a diamond blade.

Otherwise, the tiles may get a little damaged, and you surely wouldn’t want that.

2. How long does a tile saw blade normally last?

There are both high and low-quality blades available out there. In general, the low-quality ones can last for up to 12 cutting hours if the condition and the techniques are right.

How long does a tile saw blade normally last

On the other hand, high-quality ones can last even as long as 120 hours. That is, with proper maintenance and techniques. Otherwise, their duration might get reduced to half of their actual life span.

3. What is the perfect blade to cut porcelain tile?

Porcelain is sturdy materials, but they seem to chip quite easily. Hence, the ideal blade to cut them would be narrow continuous rim blades. They make the porcelain chip relatively less compared to their counterparts. But, they do wander a little, due to excessive flexibility of the blade face.

4. Cantile saws and table saws are be used interchangeably?

Although you shouldn’t really be cutting tiles with table saws, it is actually possible to do so. You can cut stone or ceramic tiles with them. However, the dry blade will make the tiles chip a lot more than a wet blade would.

5. Why is a wet tile saw more preferred than a dry one?

Tile saws are usually used to cut really dense materials, such as porcelain. Working with such materials can cause the blade to smoke or overheat, which might create unwanted hazards.

The water supply keeps the blade cool and prevents this phenomenon. It also makes sure the tiles chipless. Hence, they are more preferred.

6. Do Cantile saws severely injure humans?

Compared to other saws, the tile ones are actually safer. First of all, they come with a protective cover. And second of all, even though their blades are sharp, in the worst-case scenario, your hand will only get a burn or a cut.

However, you can never be too careful, so be as precautionary as possible.

7. Can you cut a U-Shaped tile?

Yes, you definitely can. However, the process is a little different from cutting the tile straight.

First of all, you need to mark the line with a chalk or grease pencil on the tile. Afterward, make a few straight cuts along the sides of the mark. Stop as soon as the cut reaches the mark.

Can you cut a U-Shaped tile

Take a tile nipper, and cut off the teeth of the tiles. Again, stop as soon as you reach the mark. Finally, to smoothen the edge of the tile, hold it in your hand while the saw is turned over, and slowly let the machine grind any excess porcelain.

8. What are the necessary precautions to take before using a tile saw?

Make sure to wear PVC gloves, eye protection, and hearing protection before you start operating the tool. Also, check the tool carefully before you plug it with the power source. Check the water supply and the area of work as well.

9. When and how to replace a tile saw blade?

Even though blades do have an approximate life span, you should still check from time to time whether or not it needs to be replaced. At first, you should look out for cracks, excessive noise, and speed.

If the blade needs to be replaced, then purchase a suitable replacement. Afterward, remove the cover and the locking nut, using the necessary tools. Remove the blade and attach a new one similarly.

Be careful while you are at it, and also wear protective gear.

10. How to sharpen a tile saw blade?

When you are about to sharpen the saw’s blade, start by reducing the water flow. Afterward, choose an abrasive item to sharpen the blade. Cut into the item for at least 4 to 5 times.

Then, turn off both the saw and the water flow and wait for the blade to stop spinning. Unplug the saw, and examine the blade thoroughly. If it isn’t sharpened yet, then repeat the process again.

Final Words

Tile saws are not very different from other types of saws. So, if you have experience with other saws, then you have nothing to worry about.

We have already covered most of the information that you will be needing to starting cutting tiles. So, hopefully, you can get started with your project already.

Why You Should Be Drinking Water from a Copper Pot?

‘Stay hydrated' that one health advice everyone will never forget to give you. Drinking water and staying hydrated is essential.

Of course, it is, you don't need to be a genius to figure that out.  But what if you can get more health benefits by drinking water, for example, maintaining weight.

Water plays a vital role in making sure our body functions properly. The kidney needs water to function. However, it's possible to get more out of drinking water. By drinking it from a copper pot, you can get far more added benefits.

Copper Pots

Copper pots date back to Roman times. The use of copper pots is still prevalent in different countries. Finding a copper pot to drink isn't very hard. They're mostly made with mixed metal and in some cases just copper.

Copper Pots

Drinking from copper ports has benefits. Copper is a metal that is found in our body as well. These metal particles are present in the copper pot, which generates a copper supply in the water it holds.

For this very reason, our ancestors kept water in copper vessels. They believed it had benefits.

Keeping Water in Copper Pots and its Benefits

What benefits can a copper pot bring to our drinking water? Well, apparently a lot of benefits. Copper pots can play a big role in leading a better life.

The Synthesis of Copper 

Copper plays a big role in our body. Our body has particles of copper, which is essential for our body.

The body cannot work properly without a certain level of copper elements. And it cannot directly observe copper. By drinking water from copper vessels, we can generate a flow of copper particle that our body needs. This is how copper pots play a role in the copper synthesis

Killing Bacteria 

Killing Bacteria

Copper is known for its cleansing attributes. Copper plays a big role in killing bacterias in our bodies as well. E. Coli bacteria can be killed, due to drinking water from copper pots.   It only takes 24 hours.

Combats Anemia 

Anemia is a big problem in our modern lives. Many people suffer from anemia. Especially women, who have a low amount of metals in their bloodstream. The lack of copper leads anemia.

Anemia can be fought by drinking water from copper pots. The small particles of copper help fill up the deficiency our body faces. Making it healthier. This can be a great way to fight anemia.

Healing Wounds  

When we inflict wounds on our bodies, our body has a normal reaction and tries to heal that spot. It uses collage to stop bleeding.

Copper plays a role in generating collage. It also raises the efficiency of our antioxidants. It increases our bodies capability to heal faster. Bleedings will stop faster than we can imagine.

Slows Down Aging

Copper reduces the efficiency of antioxidants, as mentioned before. This plays a big role in the health condition of our skin.

Wrinkles, dark spots and other issues can be reduced because of antioxidants. Drinking water in this manner can make a person look younger this way. In the long run, it will generate a way to help people with aging skin problems.

Benefits for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can benefit a lot from this as well. Copper plays a role in fighting anemia, as mentioned before. It generates a flow of red blood cells. That reduces the chances of being anemic.

Copper also raises the efficiency of antioxidants, Leading to better results for the body.

A mother with a baby needs her child to develop properly. The baby needs to grow its own heart, vessels and other organs. Copper plays a vital role in doing so.

Good for Digestion

Copper can stimulate the contraction in our stomachs, and the flexes to help promote better digestion. It relaxes the stomach allowing the food to flow properly throughout the whole system.

It also has antibacterial characteristics — that kill bacterias which are bad for digestion. It also reduces gas problems in the stomach by maintaining the level of acids. It also helps regulate the functions of the body. Allows the organs such as the kidney and liver to function better.

Helps Losing Weight

Copper can also play a role in losing weight. Copper helps reduce the existing body fat. With a good diet, people will be able to lead a healthier life. This could reduce obesity problems as well.

Keeping a Healthy Heart 

Copper regulates the blood flow of the human body. It can keep help keep heart vessels in shape and ensure blood flow. Allowing an individual to have a very healthy life.

Being Careful: Buying a Good Copper Vessel

Drinking from copper vessels are a great idea. It has a lot of benefits that will help a person lead a healthy life. It can help a lot of people lead a healthier life, so letting everyone know about this is responsibility.

Buying a Good Copper Vessel

However, we have to careful while drinking from a copper jar. Copper could react over time, by oxidizing. It could even come in contact with sulfur, chlorine and other bad chemicals. These chemicals are very bad for a person’s health.

And could lead to a lot of problems. As a result, people might have the opposite experience by drinking from copper vessels

Making sure the copper vessel is not contaminated is priority. We need to take care of clean the vessel properly in that case.  If you drink water from a contaminated vessel, you could experience problems of kidney failure.

So, getting a good copper vessel is very important. We can enjoy the benefits if we do. 


Copper vessels are an amazing asset to have. The number of benefits of just drinking water from them is unimaginable. However, to get these benefits, we have to buy the right vessel. Amazon offers all the right products and vessels. You can easily trust these copper pots and expect great results.

What’s a Non-toxic Cookware and Why Should You Care?

Nowadays, people are very conscious about the kind of food that enters their body. They carefully choose what or what not to eat to avoid toxins or anything that can harm their body. But what about the containers in which you keep your food?

No matter how healthy your food is, if your cookware is unhealthy, your food cannot be healthy. And there are several materials within the cookware that can be toxic for you. For example, some of the popularly used non-stick cookware contains chemicals that can cause different health problems.

This is where nontoxic cookware comes in. Nontoxic cookware is your alternative for all cookware concerns you have. This article will discuss what exactly a nontoxic cookware is, why it is important and some of the best nontoxic cookware to own and use.

What is a Nontoxic Cookware?

It is as the name suggests. Nontoxic cookware is free from any harmful chemicals such as Teflon, phthalates, BPA, and bits of plastic, which are elements found in different non-stick, plastic, copper, clay cookware and more.

Why It Is Important

People have the impression that the more expensive cookware is, the more healthy it will be. But that is not the case. The most commonly used one is the nonstick pots. Such pots can be quite convenient to use, but they contain a chemical called PFOA and C8.

Important of non- toxic cookware

Scientists have revealed that this chemical is non-biodegradable and very bad for the human body. Studies on animals using this particular chemical caused different health risks including cancer. Not only that, but this chemical exposure also affects the liver as well as growth and reproduction capacities in animals.

This is just one example of how harmful cookware can be. Aluminum cookware reacts highly to heat and leaches into food easily. Metal bakeware also has this problem. Silicone cookware is deemed safe, but they have been known to contaminate food as well.

Some of the health concerns that have been linked to such toxic cookware are:

1. Stunted Growth

The chemical PFOA has had instances of causing delays in the growth of children. Different studies have shown that mothers who use cookware containing High levels of PFOS and PFOA have a higher content of these chemicals in their blood. As a result, their children are found to be slow in overall development.

2. Cholesterol Level

Cookware chemicals have been linked to leading to high levels of cholesterol in the blood. A study in Ohio revealed that the higher the amount of PFOA and PFOS there is in your blood, the more likely it is for you to have higher cholesterol, especially LDL or the bad cholesterol.

3. Neurotoxicity

Aluminum cookware is good at heat conduction, but their exposure to heat or acids can cause leaching easily. Research has shown that frequently using acidic food in pots made of aluminum can lead to exposing high levels of aluminum into your food. And aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's.

Scientific studies show that high aluminum can cause neurotoxicity in the form of diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. So, any aluminum cookware including metal bakeware, enamel skillets of cast iron, anodized aluminum nonstick pans, etc. are known to leach aluminum in the same way.

Thyroid, Liver And Immune System Problems

PFOA and PFOS like chemicals do not only cause developmental problems, but it can also cause problems to thyroid, liver and overall immunity of your body. Perfluorochemicals can cause a rise in hormone levels of your thyroid and inflame liver. His can cause you to have a weaker immune system. 



Nonstick pans have been proven to produce flames that can be toxic. Such flames can lead to allergic reactions as well as flu-like symptoms for people who use these pans.     


This might seem like a stretch, but Scientists have found a link between PFOA and occurrence of cancer. Just like the studies on animals, it is found that PFOA can cause tumors in different body parts such as pancreas, breasts, liver and more. All because of exposure to harmful cookware.

What is the Right Cookware?

To get the right cookware that will not be harmful to you, it is important first to figure out what needs you want to serve with the cookware.

And knowing what materials make up cookware helps to know what benefits you can get out of them. In this way, you can determine whether the cookware is safe for you and whether or not it is toxic.

What is the Right Cookware

Most families mostly use stainless steel pots or cast iron pans as well as nonstick pans. While nontoxic cookware, on the other hand, can be a little less convenient to use, health concerns should be the biggest priority. All you have to do is learn how exactly to care for them, and you’re good to go.

Nontoxic pans are great not only because they are safe, but also are very durable. Such pans have been complimented on how well it cooks food, how easy it is to clean up and, of course, how it does not release any sort of chemicals in food.

Some of the best nontoxic cookware pans are:

  • Cast Iron

Cast iron pans are a classic because of how it has been used for years and can be very durable. It is indestructible making it impossible to get a scratch. So, you can easily use metal utensils with this while cooking.

It leaches only a little amount of iron into food, which can, in turn, be good for your health. It is also relatively cheap compared to nonstick pans.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pots are made of aluminum but covered by a stainless material which saves it from the leaching aluminum. That is why it is easy to cook acidic food on such pots without worrying about any harm. You just have to make sure it does not contain nickel. Otherwise, it might react to the acids.

Stainless Steel Cookware

These pans are great for cooking meat as well as any type of crisping. You can also make sauces using tomato, vinegar, lemon or any type of citric juices by deglazing them. Moreover, this pan is lightweight and convenient to use in high temperatures.

  • Enameled Cast Iron or Steel

These pans can be expensive but worth it. They are easy to clean and easily conduct heat due to its metal core. Nowadays, you can find enameled cast irons in different shapes, colors, and sizes. They are very durable, but its only drawback is that it is susceptible to scratch marks from metal utensils.

  • Glass

Glass cookware can come in different types, such as the ones with ceramic tempering, stovetops as well as Pyrex cookware. These are very durable, nontoxic and safe to use. It does not react to any food or acids. And it is also easy to clean, heat and freezes.


To lead a healthier life, one of the best ways to start is with your cooking and thus, the containers you use to cook. It’s time to throw out all the harmful utensils you have and swap it for a much healthier alternative. This article should help you in determining some of the options you have.

How to Clean Copper Pots and Pans? Easiest Guide

Copper pans and pots in the kitchen have something magical about them that change the decor and mood instantly. This is something you cannot say about a lot of the cookware out there.

But, being realistic, there is one downside to these which the fact that they tend to get tarnished and dirty quite effortlessly as you cook with them.

However, there is no reason to get discouraged about using them as there are great and easy methods for cleaning them, that too, without having to resort to expensive cleaning products.

While copper cookware can be quite expensive, the homemade solutions are quite cheap and at the same time quick and easy to use. We will discuss how you can clean copper pans and pots using regular items you can find at home.

What to Avoid Doing

Before we head on and talk about how you can keep your copper cookware clean, let’s get what you should avoid doing with them out of the way.

According to Tara Steffan, who is a marketing manager of a French manufacturer of copper cookware, one should try to avoid using the dishwasher as the harsh detergents used in them are not kind to metal.

Also, the company advises against the use of bleach containing cleaners as that will pit the cookware because of corrosiveness. As a result, the surface of the cookware becomes pockmarked and scarred.

Methods for Cleaning Copper

The Least Aggressive Method

  • Worcestershire Sauce

While the taste provided by the Worcestershire sauce is not that great, it does redeem itself with one good quality. The ingredient makes up for it by being a great product you can use for cleaning copper pans and pots.

To start, get a sponge and soak it in Worcestershire sauce. Then use the soaked sponge to rub it over the dirty surface on your copper pans and pots and let it stay on the cookware for one to two minutes. After that wipe off the sauce to rinse the cookware.

The results from this process will amaze you, as you go on to hold cookware that looks like a newly bought product.

The Slightly Aggressive Method

  • Vinegar and Salt

The use of vinegar for cleaning copper cookware seems like the perfect choice as the primary chemical used to clean copper is acid. Take vinegar and combine it with some table salt to get a combination that is amazing for cleaning copper.

The solution is considered as slightly aggressive since the salt is forced to dissolve in vinegar, which decreases the roughness, building up the power for cleaning in this method.

To start, get regular table salt in the amount of three tablespoons and pour the salt inside a bottle you can spray with. Then take some vinegar to fill the bottle up.

White vinegar can be used rather than other types of vinegar to make the solution stronger. This is because compared to the other types of vinegar, white vinegar holds an acidic value that is higher.

After that, start shaking the solution up to the point where the salt will completely dissolve. Take the spray bottle and spray the solution on the dirty cookware to let is stay for about ten minutes or so. Once you have waited long enough, take a sponge to scrub the cookware properly and then rinse it and let it dry to finish the job.

The Reasonably Aggressive Method

  • Tartar Cream and Lemon Juice

Tartar cream is not a spice that is used at home regularly, however, when you mix lemon juice with it to create a paste for cleaning. It works great and quickly when you use it to clean your copper pans and pots.

The paste you make using the two ingredients has to be thin enough so that you can spread it onto the pans and pots quite easily. Also, it has to be thick enough so that it can cling to the cookware.

For applying the paste, take a clean soft cloth, and use it to put the past on the dirty cookware you wish to clean. Then leave it like that for about five minutes. Lastly, use warm and soapy water to wash the pans and pots before you rinse them and let them dry. You will end up with cookware that is shiny and new-like.

The Mildly Aggressive Method

  • Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

Baking soda is not a new ingredient when it comes to cleaning with it. You can call it a super ingredient due to the number of uses it has. The idea remains the same for using it to clean copper, and the solution isn't disappointing.

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

For the baking soda and lemon juice solution, you have to take a couple of teaspoons of the lemon juice along with one or two tablespoons of the baking soda.

Similar to the prior method, you can take a soft cloth, to apply the solution you made on the copper pans and pots. Shortly, you will start to notice that the grime is starting to disappear.

To finish it up, take a microfiber cloth that is soft and clean to polish the copper cookware.

The Potent Aggressive Method

The best method is saved for the last, and this one does not need either Worcestershire sauce or tartar cream, which is the best part.

  • Table Salt and Fresh Lemon

These two are probably more readily available ingredients than the other ones mentioned. And to make the solution with table salt and fresh lemon, you need half some regular table salt and half a lemon.

You will need some elbow grease too, for the method. However, you can use the solution to fight off the most persistent of stains easier than the other methods.

Start by pouring salt on a plate, and while coarse is the best, regular ones will work too. Now, get half of a fresh cut lemon. Drown it into the plate of salts and then scrub the dirty parts of your cookware with it.

Finally, rinse the copper pans and pots using water that is soapy and warm before you rinse it using clean water. Then let the cookware dry to end up with an outcome that will delight you!


You have to keep your copper pans and pots clean and take care of them to expand their lifespan. This acts as the easiest guide showing you how you can use home products rather than spending lots on expensive store ones to do so.

Pros and Cons of Copper Cookware That You Need To Know!

Internet articles are not the best place for finding concise truth about anything. Everything is biased. However, this article has no other purpose than to show the good and the bad of copper cookware.

Cookware is a huge industry. There are many sectors, such as ceramics, copper, Aluminium, Porcelain, etc. However, it is copperware which is considered the most widely accepted kitchenware by professional chefs and dignitaries.

What is Copper Cookware?

It is precisely what the question suggests. It is a type of kitchenware directly used in cooking and made of copper. The copper is usually combined with stainless steel for pricing reasons.

What Is Copper Cookware

Copper cookware is not the most common equipment in terms of usage. Its users range from budding cooks to professionals chefs. Most Michelin Star’s restaurants use copperware in their kitchen.

Companies prefer to make copper cookware over the others as well. Restaurants prefer to use copper cookware over others. Surely, copperware is up to your high standards.

A comprehensive pros and cons list for copper cookware is given below.

What are the Pros?

  • Convenience

When cooking, if you can control the heat, it makes all the difference in the world. You can take your time to make the meal as delicious and as precise as possible. This is what copper cookware offers you.

It heats faster than ceramics and other cookware. It is saving both energy and time. This makes it easier to cook for in restaurants, where every second wasted is a customer lost.

Expert chefs have been known to cook food in this sort of cookware due to the possibility of being able to cook in a very gentle manner. For cooking and roasting, copper is given priority by the professionals. Even amateurs know this tiny bit of trivia.

  • Maintenance

Because of having a smooth surface, copper can be cleaned easier to other metals. This is also applicable to cookware. The tiny bits of food stuck to your copperware will be comparatively easier to clean.

Copper is very durable. It can thus be used very roughly and still last a lifetime. Moreover, copper is not meant to be shiny. Thus, there is no requirement for you to keep yourself stressed at it losing its shine. It doesn't have that in the first place.

  • Conductivity

The only parts you, as the owner of the cookware, need to be wary of is the stainless steel. Make sure when buying that, the stainless steel isn't made by aluminum. It makes the conductivity lessen due to Aluminium oxide layers that build up above the aluminum stainless steel.

As discussed in the above points, copper is a very good conductor of heat. This makes cooking in such cookware a convenience, as you have more control over the heat. Professionals prefer this sort of cookware as opposed to anything else.

  • Preference

Because it saves time, restaurants uses the best copper cookwares. Not only does it give a chef more control over his dish, but it also lets him do so quicker. Essentially making an efficient cook even more so.

Amongst the restaurants that have been blessed with the esteemed Michelin Star most, if not all, use copper cookware. Because of the reasons above such as increased efficiency and control.

  • History of product development

Copperware, this specific sort of cookware has flourished and been perfected over 9000 years of human evolution, to reach in its current position. Such a long product development has not only made it durable, rather, also corrosion-free and hygienic.

Such a long term product development usually would make copper cookware completely immune to any misgivings, but apparently, a few remain, although insignificant. Moreover, the issues that persist are all human-made and thus can be contained with careful precaution.

  • Hygiene

Some people get alarmed when the color of the copper in their cookware change on heating. But this is simply a natural change that has no ulterior harm within it. At best, it gives your cookware a more dynamic look, albeit temporarily.

Copper cookware has a clean track record when it comes to germs. This is because germs cannot survive on coppers due to its antibacterial effect.

When buying cookware, it is to be checked if the proportions of copper are to stainless steel is at least 90:10, that way you can make sure that germs will never be present in your cookware.

What are the Cons?

The things mentioned below are arguments people put up against copper cookware. As in a simple debate, let us deconstruct these arguments. The cons of the product are not only discussed but also debunked below.

  • Price

When you look at the pricing of copper cookware, you’ll frown. It is expensive! But think about it, if all the above points are met, what more do you need from your cookware?

We'd say, not much. That is because copper meets your demands and needs. A price is to be paid for the best service.

Now, you might say, copper has a lot of reasons why it is a bad investment. While true, let us turn each of those bad reasons for good reasons.

  • Weight

Yes, copper cookware is heavier than its counter parts. But it has some upsides as well. At the least, you have something to bash with if there's even an intruder in the house.

In all seriousness, copper is a metal being used in cookware. As an owner, the least of your worries should be the weight of your cookware.

Ask yourself this. Did it cook well? Is it convenient?

If your answers are yes, then why bother about the weight. Besides, if the biggest chefs around the world don’t mind, we think you can handle it too. I guess there are no more reservations against this.

  • Style

Some people get alarmed when the color of the copper in their cookware change on heating. But this is simply a natural change that has no ulterior harm within it. At best, it gives your cookware a more dynamic look, albeit temporarily.


But yes, it lacks a bit in terms of designs. But would you rather employ a beautiful but unskilled chef or an ugly but highly skilled one? The choice is yours. Do you make the right one?

  • Reaction To Acidic Food

It is even recommended by doctors that you reduce your acidic food consumption. If you are going to critique your cookware for something you aren't advised to consume yourself, it reflects badly. Thus, this issue isn't a big of a deal.

Almost any material used in cookware is prone to tarnishing. Okay point taken, copper is bad. While true, this only happens if acidic food is cooked in such cookware.


Now that we have discussed at length, the pros and cons of copper cookware, you should be able to make the best judgment on deciding whether it suits your needs. Copperware is the hard-working, industrious common man, as opposed to the comparatively lazy and indolent alternatives. Choose wisely.

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