Harbor Freight Plasma Cutter Review

Harbor Freight Plasma Cutter Review

Welding is an important task at any kind of manufacturing company. There are various welding machines of which plasma cutter is famous for its speed and efficiency.

People who are associated with welding purpose, recommend having a plasma cutter for thinner cuts of the metal. Sometimes, it gets hard for a person to choose from a lot of brands.

The Harbor Freight plasma cutter, in this case, should be your first choice. Plasma cutters of this particular brand come with an affordable price that is most effective for short metal works. Plasma cutters from this brand are always user-friendly.

Harbor Freight offers you unique products that are specially manufactured based on customer’s demand and requirements.

In our today’s article, we will be giving reviews of some plasma cutters offered by Harbor Freight. So, without any further delay, let’s get into the topic.

240-volt Plasma Cutter

If you are looking for any kind of effective plasma cutter then you should give this product a look. This plasma cutter can cut metals like cast iron, magnesium, copper, titanium, aluminum, etc. This machine will give you powerful welding with a comfortable using experience.

240-volt Plasma Cutter

The 240-volt Harbor Freight plasma cutter is lightweight and weighs 49.6 lbs. For this reason, it is easy to carry from one place to another. This machine has a warning valve that helps in thermal protection. The machine has short hose and ground cables.

It has a great pressure regulation that helps the air or gas to regulate internally. The plasma cutter will give you a service that has a duty cycle percentage of 40%. This machine has a striking arc structure that will always give you a ‘Panic less’ start. You will get a torch (PT-40) that will come with a safety guard.

Hobart AF 12 ci

In case you are looking for a plasma cutter that can cut through metals precisely and faster, then this machine can be your first priority. It can also cut through thick metals with normal electricity pass. The product includes tips, sand off guide, electrode, 110-volt plug, and a power cord.

Hobart AF 12 ci

This plasma cutter from Harbor Freight also comes as lightweight and you can carry this machine anywhere. The cables are flexible and you won’t be facing any hassle regarding this factor. You will also have a thermal protector that will keep the machine safe from excessive heating. Overall, it is comfortable to use.

It is affordable hence you don’t need to worry about the cost. This product is also user-friendly and is one of the best plasma cutters offered by the same company.

Hobart AF 250 CI

This plasma cutter is robust in nature. There is no cutting power limit hence you can cut metals at your regular pace for a long time and get your job faster than before. You will only require a power outlet for running this machine. For its relentless performance, it achieved the editor’s choice award.

Hobart AF 250 CI Plasma Cutter

You will get a power cord that is 7 feet long and it will give you a nice cutting experience. This machine offers rubber sleeves with the cord for maximum protection. You will be able to cut thinner metal pieces with this plasma cutter.

If you buy this product, you will be getting- a darkling helmet, a pair of welding gloves, tips, and electrodes. Overall, this machine is self-reliant and can be used anywhere for being portable and user-friendly.

Safety Instructions

You should follow instructions and bits of advice that are very important when you use a plasma cutter. If you don’t follow them, accidents can occur that may harm you in various ways. Read the following instructions carefully and have a safe time.

  • Protect your eyes with the help of a helmet. You can also use goggles that are made for this sole purpose.
  • Make sure your dress does not contain any oil or oily substance.
  • Forbid children and animals to get near the area where you are using a plasma cutter.
  • Do not wear cuff pants.
  • Before plugging in, off the switch.
  • The most important factor is ensuring a nice working environment. If you are doing this operation in your own residence, then try to do it outside the lawn or inside the garage.


Our comprehensive research has brought this article into your hands. We have covered up the best plasma cutters that Harbor Freight offers. This particular brand surely produces plasma cutters that are affordable and give a splendid performance. We hope the reviews will help you in buying your desired plasma cutter.