How To Change Front Motorcycle Tire

How To Change Front Motorcycle Tire?

Hello everyone, today we’re going to show you how to change your front motorcycle tire. Knowing how to change a motorcycle tire can save you some time and ensure that the job is done to your desires.

Removing a motorcycle front wheel is not a hard work to do and once you get the technique of it, you not need more than a few minutes to change your bike’s front tires.

Now, let’s start our article.

Tools You Needed To Change A Tire

Every mechanic has his favorite tools to do the job. But you needed a few basic tools. These are;

  • A lifting jack
  • Set of irons
  • Gloves for your hand’s safety

Step 1 – Set The Motorcycle In Right Position

At first, you need to set the motorcycle in the correct position and use the lifting jack to lift the front wheel. When you do it, ensure that the wheel is lifted enough to make your work easy.

And obviously, don’t forget to wear hand’s gloves before starting your work.

Step 2 – Remove The Front Wheel

The front wheel of the motorcycle is screwed by two allen head bolts on both sides. Find the bolts and loosen it. Now, you can start to spin the wheel to remove it.

If your motorcycle set in a good position, you’ll get easy access to the front axle of the wheel. If you don’t get it, jack up the motorcycle some more.

Step 3 – Remove The Valve Cap Of The Tire

Remove the valve cap of the front tire to release all the air inside. You need to use a small pin kit to remove the valve cap.

Step 4 – Release The Tire From The Rim

After all the air out from the tire, you need to take out the tire from the rim. There are several methods to do the job.

Most of the bike has small front rim sizes. In these cases, only muscle power is enough to break the rim seal.

But for the larger rims, you can use a hydraulic bead-breaking machine to do the work. But this type of instrument not generally found in all the garages.

So here, an iron spoon is the easiest solution. It’s called a spoon because it has a round head like spoons.

Pull the iron spoon between the bead and rim and do it until the tire gets to remove.

Step 5- Set The New Tire On The Rim

Now, your work is almost done. Take a new tire and brush some tire soap on to the outer lips of both sides of the tire to set the tire on to the rim easily. If you don’t have this tire soap, you can use lubricant or liquid hand soap to do it.

Holding the rim in place with foot and push the tire on to the rim to set the tire on it. After that, use a compressor to inflate the tire until the sidewalls seat on the rim perfectly.

Installing a new tire really is the exact same thing as removal, only you need to do the reverse work here.

Final Words

Changing motorcycle tires isn’t a fun job but it’s a good one to know how to do it. You can visit for more info about it.

Thanks for reading.