How to Clean Copper Pots and Pans

How to Clean Copper Pots and Pans? Easiest Guide

Copper pans and pots in the kitchen have something magical about them that change the decor and mood instantly. This is something you cannot say about a lot of the cookware out there.

But, being realistic, there is one downside to these which the fact that they tend to get tarnished and dirty quite effortlessly as you cook with them.

However, there is no reason to get discouraged about using them as there are great and easy methods for cleaning them, that too, without having to resort to expensive cleaning products.

While copper cookware can be quite expensive, the homemade solutions are quite cheap and at the same time quick and easy to use. We will discuss how you can clean copper pans and pots using regular items you can find at home.

What to Avoid Doing

Before we head on and talk about how you can keep your copper cookware clean, let’s get what you should avoid doing with them out of the way.

According to Tara Steffan, who is a marketing manager of a French manufacturer of copper cookware, one should try to avoid using the dishwasher as the harsh detergents used in them are not kind to metal.

Also, the company advises against the use of bleach containing cleaners as that will pit the cookware because of corrosiveness. As a result, the surface of the cookware becomes pockmarked and scarred.

Methods for Cleaning Copper

The Least Aggressive Method

  • Worcestershire Sauce

While the taste provided by the Worcestershire sauce is not that great, it does redeem itself with one good quality. The ingredient makes up for it by being a great product you can use for cleaning copper pans and pots.

To start, get a sponge and soak it in Worcestershire sauce. Then use the soaked sponge to rub it over the dirty surface on your copper pans and pots and let it stay on the cookware for one to two minutes. After that wipe off the sauce to rinse the cookware.

The results from this process will amaze you, as you go on to hold cookware that looks like a newly bought product.

The Slightly Aggressive Method

  • Vinegar and Salt

The use of vinegar for cleaning copper cookware seems like the perfect choice as the primary chemical used to clean copper is acid. Take vinegar and combine it with some table salt to get a combination that is amazing for cleaning copper.

The solution is considered as slightly aggressive since the salt is forced to dissolve in vinegar, which decreases the roughness, building up the power for cleaning in this method.

To start, get regular table salt in the amount of three tablespoons and pour the salt inside a bottle you can spray with. Then take some vinegar to fill the bottle up.

White vinegar can be used rather than other types of vinegar to make the solution stronger. This is because compared to the other types of vinegar, white vinegar holds an acidic value that is higher.

After that, start shaking the solution up to the point where the salt will completely dissolve. Take the spray bottle and spray the solution on the dirty cookware to let is stay for about ten minutes or so. Once you have waited long enough, take a sponge to scrub the cookware properly and then rinse it and let it dry to finish the job.

The Reasonably Aggressive Method

  • Tartar Cream and Lemon Juice

Tartar cream is not a spice that is used at home regularly, however, when you mix lemon juice with it to create a paste for cleaning. It works great and quickly when you use it to clean your copper pans and pots.

The paste you make using the two ingredients has to be thin enough so that you can spread it onto the pans and pots quite easily. Also, it has to be thick enough so that it can cling to the cookware.

For applying the paste, take a clean soft cloth, and use it to put the past on the dirty cookware you wish to clean. Then leave it like that for about five minutes. Lastly, use warm and soapy water to wash the pans and pots before you rinse them and let them dry. You will end up with cookware that is shiny and new-like.

The Mildly Aggressive Method

  • Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

Baking soda is not a new ingredient when it comes to cleaning with it. You can call it a super ingredient due to the number of uses it has. The idea remains the same for using it to clean copper, and the solution isn't disappointing.

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

For the baking soda and lemon juice solution, you have to take a couple of teaspoons of the lemon juice along with one or two tablespoons of the baking soda.

Similar to the prior method, you can take a soft cloth, to apply the solution you made on the copper pans and pots. Shortly, you will start to notice that the grime is starting to disappear.

To finish it up, take a microfiber cloth that is soft and clean to polish the copper cookware.

The Potent Aggressive Method

The best method is saved for the last, and this one does not need either Worcestershire sauce or tartar cream, which is the best part.

  • Table Salt and Fresh Lemon

These two are probably more readily available ingredients than the other ones mentioned. And to make the solution with table salt and fresh lemon, you need half some regular table salt and half a lemon.

You will need some elbow grease too, for the method. However, you can use the solution to fight off the most persistent of stains easier than the other methods.

Start by pouring salt on a plate, and while coarse is the best, regular ones will work too. Now, get half of a fresh cut lemon. Drown it into the plate of salts and then scrub the dirty parts of your cookware with it.

Finally, rinse the copper pans and pots using water that is soapy and warm before you rinse it using clean water. Then let the cookware dry to end up with an outcome that will delight you!


You have to keep your copper pans and pots clean and take care of them to expand their lifespan. This acts as the easiest guide showing you how you can use home products rather than spending lots on expensive store ones to do so.